Capitol Hill

Design Copyright, Balance Associates Architects

Project completed while at Balance Associates Architects. Built on a hillside lot in Seattle’s historic Capitol Hill neighborhood, this home takes advantage of the site’s 180-degree views with large areas of floor to ceiling windows and doors. The design was strongly influenced by local zoning code, which lead to its compact form. In order to get daylight to the center of the house, a translucent ceiling divides the house and allows light to filter into the central hall.

Though rather simple in form, several sustainable systems have been integrated into the house design including a geothermal heat pump, externally mounted and mechanically controlled venetian blinds, a large photovoltaic array and a rainwater catchment system that acts as an entry water feature.

This house was designed for longevity through the use of beautiful, yet durable materials such as the exterior breathable stucco system, modified wood paneling and high quality wood windows and doors.