River Bank House

Design Copyright, Balance Associates Architects

Project completed while at Balance Associates Architects. The River Bank House sits along the Gallatin River, near Big Sky Montana. The location is dramatic in its beauty, but also in its climate. Winters are frigid and summers bring extreme temperatures. The clients didn’t want to let the site’s extremes get in the way of enjoying the beauty of the site during all seasons. Large overhangs provide shelter in the winter and shade in the summer. Additionally, the house is thoughtfully detailed to provide ultimate insulation, minimizing energy use during winter months as well. The house also uses a geothermal heating system to reduce heating loads.

In addition to a house that can weather the harsh environment, the clients wanted an open floor plan that would work well for large parties of family and friends. Steel beams provide large spans that allow the living spaces to flow together while large sliding glass doors and windows blur the line between interior and exterior. The house plan bends along the river to capture the best views and creates unique exterior spaces such as the protected entry courtyard and water feature and the large exterior wood-burning fireplace. Read more about the house in Mountain Living.